Team Extension

Team Extension

Team Extension

At PIELinks, we offer customized Staffing-as-a-Service to help you upgrade your team with our expert developers.

Our services include:

  • Expertly vetted developers
  • Integrated team extensions tailored to your business needs
  • Digital marketing specialists
  • Technical consulting
  • Technical writing professionals

Trust us to provide you with a team of skilled professionals who will help drive your business forward.

How We Solve Your Staffing Problems:

  • We have a rigorous 4-stage screening process to ensure we find the best developers for you.
  • We assess candidates based on the strength of their technical abilities, richness of prior experience, authentic reviews, and background check performance.
  • We prioritize communication skills, relevant industry experience, problem-solving and coding aptitude, and motivated self-starters.
  • We search for developers who perfectly match your requirements, and we hire developers who can hit the ground running for you.

How We Solve Your Technological Challenges:

  • We conduct a thorough technical audit of your company to understand your unique needs.
  • We keep abreast of the latest technologies to suggest future-proof technology solutions based on your requirements.
  • We have the capability to build your software, as well as build or extend your team with our expert developers.
  • Trust us to help you solve your staffing and technological challenges with our customized and comprehensive approach.